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The Santa Monica Podiatry Group offers a wide array of services and stay abreast of the latest technologies and techniques to gently and effectively meet out patients' needs. Need something you do not see below? Call us for recommendations or alternatives. 


image of a woman rubbing the top of her feet with her hand

General Podiatric Care

we provide a wide array of podiatric services from routine to advanced. Our goal is to diagnose the underlying cause of your condition, explain the etiology of the symptoms, and not only treat them successfully, but also empower you with preventative measures.

Peripheral neuropathy, neuroma & neuritis

Tendonitis and soft tissue injuries

Corns , Calluses & Fissures

Gait abnormalities

Growths & Warts

Plantar fasciitis



Ingrown toenails

Diabetic foot care

Bunions & Hammertoes

Ulcers, wounds & infections

Fungal nails & Tinea pedis/Athlete's foot

Foot and ankle injuries, fractures and sprains

Heel Pain

Heel pain is one of the most common reasons why patients come to see us. Successful treatment requires a thorough evaluation for proper diagnosis to create an effective treatment plan. We have onsite digital X-rays, diagnostic ultrasound and a cutting edge class 4 laser. We are one of the only medical offices in the area to provide the most effective options to eliminate heel pain.

image of a person walking on their tip toes showing the heels of their feet

Foot & Ankle Injuries 

Foot and ankle trauma can involve a combination of tissues such as the bones, joints and soft tissue in and around your foot and ankle. 

In such injuries the bones and joints can break or you may suffer from a hairline fracture, and tissues can stretch or tear. We provide a comprehensive series of treatments, and will do our best to keep you as mobile and active as the injury allows. 

image of a mans feet with a bruise on their ankle

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy is a non-surgical, noninvasive, FDA-approved treatment that uses high energy shockwaves to reduce musculoskeletal pain. The term shockwave refers to high energy sound waves. This non-invasive technique uses shockwaves to treat various muscular and soft tissue problems of the foot and ankle to stimulate the body's own natural healing process to speed up healing.

image of a doctor applying shockwave therapy to a patients heel using a medium sized hand held device
image of a womans toes being gently rubbed by a womans hands

Foot & Nail 

Therapy & Rejuvenation 

Our patients love the special therapeutic massage and whirlpool treatment we provide. We perform reduction of painful fissures and thickened skin, problematic issues such as small growths, fungal and thickened toenails. Your feet have never felt this good!

Laser Treatment

We are one of the only medical offices in the area to offer the newest and most advanced laser technology for painless and effective pain relief with no side effects. 4 to 8 sessions have shown vast improvement for patients with arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, peripheral neuropathy, sprains & strains, sports and occupational injuries.

image of a doctor applying laser treatment to the top of a womans toes using a medium sized hand help device
image of a young childs feet being help in the hands of an adult

Pediatric Foot Care

Does your child walk with their toes pointing inward? Do they get ingrown nails, itchy or smelly feet? Do you suspect they may have plantar warts? Do they have heel pain? We can diagnose and treat these and other problems, educate you and your child on how to solve the problem. If your child plays sports, it is possible for them to develop overuse/stress-related injuries. Custom made orthotic devices can help prevent future injuries and/or issues relating to mal-alignment of foot bones during growing years.

Orthotic Devices

Orthotics are similar to prescription glasses for your feet, and thus should be made accurately and with care. The science behind making orthotics may entail the evaluation of the biomechanics of the feet, ankles, knees and hips, and should always be complemented with a thorough gait analysis. We specialize in the fabrication of a myriad of orthotic devices for all ages.

image of a doctor applying an orthotic device to the bottom of a patients foot
image of a mans foot in a cast with crutches next to him

Sports Injuries

Sports injuries involve bony as well as soft tissue injuries. These require thorough examination and an understanding of a scientific approach. All tissues have a timeline for healing, then get rehabilitated and then maintained so as to prevent recurrences. We provide an educational approach to assist you in healing in a timely manner, helping you prevent recurrence of injuries.


Surgical options are always explored with patients after having exhausted conservative measures. Surgeries can be complicated or quite simple, depending on the pathology present, in addition to many other factors .

image of doctors with masks on and scrubs looking over a patients who is having a surgery done
image of insulin and blood sugar checker used by diabetics


One of the first signs and symptoms of diabetes can be first seen in your feet. We have a very comprehensive approach to treating our diabetic patients. This involves bringing awareness and understanding how diabetes and its side effects affects our body.


We offer digital X-rays. We can process X-rays in minutes, read them and discuss the pathology present at the time of your visit, saving time and money. Digital X-rays are much better than plain films because we can enlarge, enhance, and pinpoint areas of concern. Treatment can begin immediately, facilitating a speedier recovery.

X ray of a human foot showing bones
image of a patient laying face down while a doctor runs diagnostics on their heel with a small hand held device


Our diagnostic ultrasound unit is excellent for examining and diagnosing soft tissue pathology that X-rays are not able to “see.” Having a combination of ultrasound and X-rays helps us diagnose and treat immediately. This procedure does not require pre-authorization or pre-certification.

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